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Every season starts with Garden City Plastics

        Here you will find a comprehensive list of containers, accessories and other plastic products that we supply wholesale throughout Australia
        and overseas.   Garden City Plastics is Australia’s largest plastic pot manufacturer.  We have sales offices in 5 states: Victoria, New South Wales,
        Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia with distributors in Tasmania and New Zealand.
        Garden City Plastics was established back in 1975 by Len and Austral Wilson on the site of the Wilson Indoor Nursery at Heatherton in
        Victoria, Australia.
        The plastics container manufacturing plant was born out of the need to have a reliable source of containers that could be designed for
        horticultural purposes, competitively priced and available when required.
        In 1992 Garden City Plastics purchased a 2 hectare factory and warehouse situated in Monbulk, Victoria  for production of injection moulded
        plastic pots.
        For over 35 years, most of Garden City Plastics black plastic containers have been made from recycled plastic which was given a boost by the
        new and recently introduced recycling program. Pots no longer need to go into land fill, they are 100% RECYCLABLE. For more information,
        please visit:
        We are dedicated to providing excellent service, quality products and the latest in new technology.  Call or email us today for a competitive
        quote. GCP gratefully acknowledges our customers for allowing us to use their images in this catalogue.
        Pot Levy
        Many people ask why there is a 5% levy on all nursery containers that will contain soil. It is a statutory levy introduced by the Federal
        Government at the request of the Nursery Industry to raise funds for Research and Development as well as for marketing.  For further details
        Conditions of Sale and Trading Terms

        PLACING ORDERS                                        TRANSPORT
        Please place orders by phone, fax or email.           Country and interstate customers to nominate their preferred
                                                              freight company. Garden City Plastics bear no responsibility for
        When ordering, please clearly indicate the style, colour and numbers
        required. We have both pack sizes (box, bag, string tied) and pallet sizes   charges or damage incurred by your nominated transport company.
        available for delivery. So if you have a fork lift, ask us about the pallet sizes
        available to you.
        Must be in STANDARD PACK multiples and minimum runs apply to all
        coloured lines.
        Free delivery to most Metropolitan Areas (minimum order amount
        applies). Please contact your nearest office for further details.
                                                                    Carton           Pallet           Bulk
        CLAIMS                                                Important: Please note that the contents of this publication are
        No claims will be recognised after fourteen (14) days from the date of invoice.
                                                              based on information and advice received up until the date of
        TERMS OF PAYMENT                                      compilation in Mar 2017.
        Strictly nett 30 days (account customers only)
        Cash, Cheque or VISA & Master Card accepted           Garden City Plastics, employees or agents disclaim any loss
                                                              howsoever caused whether due to negligence or otherwise owing
        EFT to Bank of Melbourne                              from the use of information in this publication.
        BSB:           013-483
        Acc No:        374 0522                               A.B.N. 28 005 295 223
        Reference:     Your Customer ID                       Images in this catalogue are not to scale.
                                                              Measurements are in millimeters unless specified.
        Legal Information | Disclaimer
        The content of this Printed Catalogue is provided for information only and without responsibility. Garden City Plastics (GCP) makes no
        representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the information on this Printed Catalogue. Garden City Plastics
        (GCP) may, in its sole discretion, revise the information contained herein at any time without notice.  All text, images, graphics and other
        materials on this Printed Catalogue are subject to the copyright and other intellectual property rights of Garden City Plastics (GCP) and/or
        its affiliates. Garden City Plastics (GCP) owns the copyrights in the selection, coordination and arrangement of the materials on this Printed
        Catalogue. These materials may not be modified or copied for commercial use or distribution.

               Hazardous Products
        Garden City Plastics (GCP) is a wholesale supplier that complies to the OH&S Act Vic 2004.
        Should fertilisers, chemicals, pesticides or herbicides that are to be respectively supplied or used under the terms of the sale contract,
        contain dangerous substances or require the taking of special safety precautions during handling, transport, storage or use, the Supplier
        (GCP) shall provide the Purchaser before delivering or using them, in writing with the necessary information, a MSDS (material safety data
        sheet) relating to the nature of these substances and the precautions to take. The Supplier shall ensure that before dispatch, the appropriate
        instructions and warnings are clearly displayed on the goods or products in question and on the packaging in which they are placed.
        It is the responsibility of the purchaser to follow the applications rates, safe handling and storage of these goods.
        If you required any further information, please always refer to manufacturer’s instructions.
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